Furtrieve Health

An app that helps dog owners to track their dog’s health and nutrition
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Furtrieve, LLC


9 months


1 Design Mentor
4 Product Designers

My Contribution

As a Product Designer, I owned the design deliverables while working collaboratively with the team on research, planning, and analysis.

Research - I contributed to the research plan, conducted interviews, analysis, and client hand-off.

Design - I facilitated a brainstorming session with the team followed by the creation of low-fidelity designs. I also developed user flows, led the visual designs, delivered a high-fidelity interactive prototype for user testing.



Furtrieve is a GPS technology company transforming how people can track their pets. Furtrieve enables pet owners to track and recover their dog(s) if they get lost, with the help of a 'Furtrieve tracker' and 'Furtrieve mobile app.'

What is Furtrieve Health?

To grow the business and establish itself in the dog health domain Furtrieve aims to pivot its direction. They aim to develop a new product, 'Furtrieve Health,' an app enabling users to track their pets' health by monitoring factors such as behavior, weight, food intake, and activity tracking.

What is the problem?

Currently, the Furtrieve app allows users to track their dogs if they buy their collar with a monthly subscription with no health monitoring capabilities.

Why is the problem important?

Dog owners have difficulty understanding their dog's behavior and health, leading to misdiagnosis and further problems. If Furtrieve introduces these health and behavior monitoring capabilities in its app, they will be able to target a broader user base of approximately 63 million households that have at least one dog in the US.


During our concept design phase, we collaboratively explored multiple solution ideas to build the Furtrieve Health app. We removed the dependency on buying a collar and a subscription to the Furtrieve app and introduced features that helped the dog owners with their dogs' health and behavior analysis.

design process

Research → Ideation → Design → Evaluation

After the initial project brief from our client, we devised a research plan to strategize our research. As a team, we defined our research goals to understand the nuances of dog health industry.

Research Goals

  1. Understand the Dog Health Domain
  2. To find how people are diagnosing their dog’s behavior
  3. Discover the impact of diet on a dog’s health


Stakeholder Interviews

Interviewed our key stakeholder across multiple sessions.

User Interviews

Interviewed 8 dog owners who were recruited from social media platforms.


Surveyed more than 100 dog owners.

Research Learnings

With the help of the interviews and surveys we were able to identify 4 major themes.

Needs based on medical history

Dietary needs of a dog will change based on its age, breed, and medical condition(pregnancy)

Breed specific health problems

Some dog breeds have inherent health problems and dietary issues

Misinterpreting dog’s mood and behavior

28.2% dog owner misdiagnosed their dog’s health at least once

Special needs

15.3% dog owners reported that their dogs have special dietary needs

Our Users

Melissa a new dog mom

  • She recently got her first dog and loves playing with it after work.
  • She wants to be informed about here dog's health
  • Sometimes she misdiagnoses her dog's health

Arthur a seasoned dog owner

  • He is taking care of his dogs for the past few years.
  • Make sure he is taking care of the diet of his dogs and they are staying healthy and active.
  • He wants to monitor medication and vaccinations for his dogs.

Research → Ideation → Design → Evaluation

Our research helped us develop an understanding about dog's health, behaviour and nutrition. These insights were useful during our brainstorming session to generate a plethora of ideas for further down-selection.


Before starting our ideation based on our client's brief we made the following assumptions.

Furtreive can support solutions with computer vision.

Dog owner will install the app and use it to monitor their dog's health.

Dog owners will use this app to track their dog's medication.

How Might We

We used the following how might we's to reframe our insights from research into opportunities to spark ideas.

How might we enable dog owners to analyze mental and physical health of their dogs?
How might we enable dog owners to record their dog's medical data?

Brainstorming Ideas

The team generated multiple ideas during this exercise. Since this was an open problem, we didn't have much insight into what the features would be, so we generated ideas in abundance. We also invited people from outside the team to help us think of more ideas.

After evaluating all the ideas based on their feasibility, we down-selected our top 3 ideas below.

Meal Planning and Nutrition Tracking of dogs

Leveraging computer vision for preventive dog care

Dog diary for behavior, activity tracking, and medical history

We created product concepts for all the three ideas to present to our stakeholders to identify the final design direction for Furtreive health.

Initial Sketches

We sketched multiple ideas for different screens of the app during after our brainstorming session.


Based on the sketches, our team created some quick wireframes and presented them to our client. These wireframes provided the client with an initial concept using which they could provide their feedback.

App Flow

After reviewing the wireframes with Furtrieve we were able to decide on the features that we wanted to keep in our app. Below are the complete set of features and navigation that was used in our final designs.


While ideating we had to consider both new dog owners and seasoned dog owners. We learned about the 3 important problems after discussing the wireframes with the clients.

  1. Providing users with the ability to enter the logs for their dog's behavior was a strenuous task.
  2. Navigating to the health data was difficult.
  3. Line charts were not very clear for the users to interpret.

Research → Ideation → Design → Evaluation

Our team iterated on the wireframes based on the user and client feedback and created a high-fidelity designs to test with our users. While creating these designs we followed the design guidelines provided by Furtreive.

Furtreive Health App

Research → Ideation → Design → Evaluation

Usability Test

Since Furtreive Health App is a new app for dog users, therefore, we evaluated this app with 8 users to ensure that the app is well accepted among dog owners. The participants for this test were people who were dogs for at least one year.

Key Findings

  1. Critical - The users were not able to find ways to scan their dog or vet prescription. They thought that the option will exist in the respective category on the health screen.
  2. Serious - The add button in the bottom navigation was missing context making it difficult for the user to understand its purpose.
  3. Minor - Users wanted to have more ability to search for topic related to their dog.

Overall, users saw a lot of potential in the application of this app for their dogs and the concept of the app was well received.


P.S: The app design was handed-off to the Furtrieve's development team in May 2021


Being able to think of a new concept and implement it for our client was very rewarding and also helped me in understanding the following.

  1. It was the first time for me working remotely with my team and having proper goals in mind for the project helped us stay on track with the project timeline.
  2. Having regular check-ins with the stakeholders and our design mentor provided us with better vision for the project.
  3. I was able to learn that fleshing out features for MVP can help us in being efficient.

What would have I done better?

  1. I would have focused on just on feature and test its acceptance in the market before adding more capabilities to the app.
  2. I would rework on style guide to improve the typography, colors and other design patterns.
  3. I would have collaborated more with the team at Furitreive to make the process more collaborative.
  4. I would have practiced better visual design for the app.